Dungeons of Lviv

  • Dungeons of Lviv

Duration: 2 hours

From the word "dungeon" we feel a kind of mystery. We offer you to experience the breath of these rooms and visit them with our professional guides. During the tour of the underground Lviv is expected to review the four most interesting places:

Lviv Coffee Mine

According to legend, the only one mine operating in the world, where it produces coffee grains and prepares from them "sealed coffee". For this waiters use a fire, which directly transforms the sugar on coffee into the caramel ...

Basements of the pharmacy museum

Lviv merchants skillfully made original "refrigerators" in the basements of buildings. The owners of the largest pharmacy in the city kept the famous "iron wine" there and not only ...

Dungeons of the former Dominican Monastery

According to one version, Prince Lev (in honor of which the city was named) gave part of his palace to the Dominican monks. History has preserved for us not only a lot of interesting facts, but also material things related to the activities of those involved in the monastery of people ...

Dungeons of the former Jesuit Church

The monks who arrived in Lviv in the late 1500s founded a highschool in the city, which later became a real university. And the building of the monastery hiding under a number of underground passages. There you will see with your own eyes the remains of the city walls, the places of ancient burials, excavation finds, as well as three diminished models of ancient Lviv ...

Program of the excursion:

Program of the excursion:

  • Underground of the Lyubomirsky Palace ("Coffee Mine")
  • Cellars of Pharmacy museum
  • Dungeon of the Dominican Church
  • Dungeon of the Jesuit Church

Price of excursion:

Price of excursion:

300 UAH per/hour - from group till 15 person.

*The price of entrance tickets to historical objects is not included

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